Bulk Rename Utility Free Download For Windows & Mac

Bulk Rename Utility

Windows Rename Multiple Files

Bulk Rename Utility helps to multiple files and folders renaming, JavaScript renaming, file attributes changing, file timestamps changing, and character translations.

You can easily change between four letters and three characters in a file with this program in a file. There are many ways to manipulate bulk naming utility files and folder names.

If you want to quickly rename a file/folder manually without applying any criteria, just you press F2 while the filename is selected and edit it manually. Simply press the enter key without making any changes to cancel the operation.

Bulk Rename Utility Features:

  • Quickly rename a file/folder manually
  • Remove any file name or use a fixed name
  • Drag & drop files/ folders directly from Windows Explorer
  • Custom date formats
  • Recursive scan and rename from the current folder
  • Rename files from a text file
  • Powerful Regular Expression processing
  • Process files in folders and also sub-folders very quickly
  • Change the attributes of files and folders once they have been renamed
  • Change the timestamp information for files and folders once you have renamed them
  • Translation into a different character or sequence of characters
  • Total flexibility and full control of Javascript code renaming
  • JavaScript filter condition
  • Extract certain EXIF tags from JPEG, TIFF,.NEF, .CR2 and.CRW files
  • Extract certain ID3 tags (V1 and V1.1) from MP3 files
Bulk Rename Utility, Best File Renamer, Bulk File Changer   Bulk Rename Utility- multiple files and folders renaming, JavaScript renaming, file attributes changing, file time stamps changing and character translations program tools full version free download

Free Batch File And Folder Rename Utility Latest Version For PC

Program Name:Bulk Rename Utility
Publisher:TGRMN Software
Operating Systems:Windows XP,Vista,7,8,10 and Server 2016,2012,2008,2003,2000
Bit Support:OS 32bit/ 64bit
File Size:10.1MB

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