Brave Browser Download Free For Windows Latest Version 2021 and Review

Brave Browser Download Free For Windows Latest Version 2021

Review of Brave Browser

Nowadays we use many browsers simultaneously on the computer, each browser comes with their own different types of features. Brave browser is currently a powerful, fast and secure web browser for Windows PCs. You can also try to use it on your PC. This allows users to safely search any site that automatically blocks ads and trackers.

The browser loads pages very quickly when you search for any content online which will save a lot of time. It is designed to emphasize your safety. You browse with confidence that it blocks important default phishing, malicious malware and malware.

Brave Browser 2021 Free Download For Windows Latest Version

Let’s talk about some of the features of the brave browser:

1.  Easy to use

Feel free to use the browser so that you can easily search for anything and access the various displays you need.

2.  Fast browser

Various trackers are blocked by brave which can slow you down on the web. Every page search hits any page loading.

3.  Security

The browser emphasizes your security so that you can safely search any site without any problems. Will protect you from harmful sites.

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4.  Block harmful ads

When you search for any site, many distracting ads appear on your newspad which is often annoying. This blocks all intrusive ads.

5.  Privacy

This gives you unparalleled privacy protection. Protects your information by fighting any malware and preventing tracking.

6.  Default phishing

Blocking online phishing sites will protect you from having your personal information stolen.

7.  HTTPS redirect

Automatically secure encrypted communications are upgraded to HTTPS everywhere when a browser uses an insecure connection.

8.  Autofill

Encrypts to autofill any form you fill out online.

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9.  Clear data

Completely clears the history of various browsing data with one click.

10.  Tabs and Windows

The same Windows allows multiple page tabs to be easily managed at once.

11.  Bookmark

Lets you easily bookmark various important sites you need.

12.  Tracking

This protects your personal information from third-party tracking and inaccuracies.

13.  Control

Autoplay lets you control the site’s access to media.

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This browser provides excellent privacy and security which makes it the best search result for any site. So you can click on the download link from this place, collect the setup file, install it on your computer and start using it.

Program Name:Brave Browser
Publisher:Brave Software Inc
Operating Systems:Windows XP/Windows XP Vista/Windows 10/Windows 8.1/Windows 8/Windows 7
Bit Support:OS 32bit/ 64bit
System Requirements:Processor: Intel Core 3 Duo or higher processor

RAM: 2 GB (4 GB recommended)

Hard-disk space: 250MB

Graphics card: NVIDIA Ge-Force 510

Setup file:Windows 32-bit Download & Windows 64-bit Download
File Size:Windows 32-bit 1.2 MB and Windows 64-bit 1.2 MB

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