Avro Keyboard Review & Free Download- Bangla Keyboard (.exe+Portable)

Avro Keyboard History

Avro Keyboard Review, History Features Free Installer and Portable Download Avro Keyboard is free bangle writing or typing program by D. Mehdi Hasan Khan with since 26 March 2003 years. Now Avro Keyboard supports available on any Windows operating system. But at this, it’s also released for Linux version developed by M. M. Rifat-Un-Nabi, Shabab Mustafa, Ryan Kamal, Nipon Haque and Tanbin Islam Siyam. Avro Keyboard published an upgrade from OmicronLab.

Best Free Bangla Typing Software 

Avro Keyboard most popular on any Bengali PC users. It’s a free open-source with graphical keyboard layout changer software. Avro Keyboard Bangla software is Unicode and ANSI supported at converted English to Bangle language.  Avro Keyboard is last updated 21 February 2014.

   Avro Keyboard best bangle program Install on your PC. it's auto installing Bangla Spell Checker extra powerful program licensed by MOZILLA PUBLIC LICENSE. While you are typing bangle language with Avro keyboard its auto checking bangle spelling to right bangle word. If you are writing English Avro Keyboard convert this language English to Bangle.

Avro Keyboard Free Unicode and ANSI compliant Auto English to Bangle language typing program free download

Bangla Spelling Checker Software Free For Windows

When you install Avro Keyboard  'Avro Spell Checker' automatically installed on your computer. Because Avro Bangla program also customized the different useful software.
Avro Keyboard features:
  • Avro Keyboard bangle typing program easy to use
  • Avro Keyboard using mouse or keyboard
  • Excel & word typing program
  • Online typing program
  • Offline or Online Bengali typing program
  • Default bangle font with SutonnyMJ
  • Just press Ctrl+Alt+B to change bangle language
  • Best Bangla keyboard software
  • Auto Converting English to Bengali phonetic type
  • Customize keyboard layout
  • Auto spelling check with Avro spell checker
  • Bengali text in both Unicode and ANSI font supports
Avro Keyboard Free Offline Online Word Bengali typing spell checker program free download
Avro Bangla Keyboard For PC Windows XP, 7, 8, 10
Name:Avro Keyboard
Category:Office ToolsBangla Program
Operating Systems:Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10 


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