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Your privacy is most important to us

We are not violating your privacy. Your privacy is most important to us. So while sharing any software description or download link we are more priority of publisher privacy. The following any software description and information is collected while developers using their web site feel free to the user’s mind. We are very careful to describe all information at any program with the best priority. We do not provide personally identifiable information (such as IP addresses or e-mail addresses) to third parties for any reason.

Visitor Analysis

In this site, we use third-party analytics software powered by Google Analytics. The cookies employed by Google Analytics keep track of user sessions on the site of This data is not shared with any third parties. According to Google, this data is not accessible or alterable by third party domains.


When anyone subscribes newsletter or comment, USZoneSoft always except your email with the best privacy or respected but UszoneSoft not using for Spam or avoid sold anyone.

Spamming Comment

We love your comment. But anyone commenting abusive text spread hatred or violating racial type, USZoneSoft deleting of this comment. We keep all the rights to accept or reject the comments.

Third party Advertisers

We use a third-party advertising company to serve advertisements on our site. The advertising company used your cookies to collect information about your browsing habits based on this web site and other web sites on the Internet. So you can follow the Google advertising  Privacy policies and humbly to upgrade your mind.

External Links

Sometimes USZoneSoft provides external links to other sites for downloading some software from the free hosting site. USZoneSoft is not responsible for the privacy practices or the content of external Web sites. Maybe the external site using cookies For the sake of their users. So if you want to keep secret your IP or address from external sites. Please don’t download this script and download another script Which is hosted by Directly Publisher.

Legal Notice

$ In USZoneSoft this information or anything USZoneSoft reserves the right to modify at any time without prior notice.

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